Keracare High Sheen Glossifier

Keracare High Sheen Glossifier

A light oil that moisturises, conditions and softens hair.

Produces magnificent shine.

Maximises sheen, and minimises moisture loss of the hair and scalp. Contains natural lipophilic emollients to seal cuticle surfaces. Minimises breakage. Hair remains glowing, full-bodied and fluid with motion.

4 oz.


How to use

Start with clean, dry hair. Detangle if necessary. Dispense Product - Shake the bottle well, then dispense a small amount of the glossifier into your palm. Warm Product - Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the product and warm it up

Smooth the glossifier over your hair, focusing on the areas where you want shine. Start from the mid-lengths to the ends. Avoid Scalp - Try to avoid applying the glossifier directly to your scalp to prevent it from looking greasy.

Style your hair as usual, whether you're leaving it down or putting it up. Finish - Enjoy the enhanced shine and sleekness of your hair!

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