Keracare Intensive Restorative Masque

Keracare Intensive Restorative Masque

Scientifically proven to strengthen damaged hair up to 42%!

The ultimate therapy for damaged hair.

A specialised blend of fruit extracts works to enhance elasticity, helping the hair to withstand styling without incurring further damage. Seals, smooths, and tightens cuticles for better moisture retention. Leaves hair tangle-free, silky, soft and shiny.

8 oz


How to use

Take a generous amount of the hair mask. Apply it evenly from mid-length to the ends. For dry or damaged hair, you can also apply to the roots.

Distribute Evenly - Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to distribute the mask evenly. Let the mask sit for the recommended time, usually 5-20 minutes.

Rinse out the mask completely with lukewarm water. Towel dry and style your hair as usual.

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