Adeline has been a pinnacle figure in the hair industry for over 20 years now. Her award-winning establishment and services have set precedent for the hair services in the black community and beyond.

Consultations with her are, therefore, an amazing opportunity to understand the most you can about your hair and the journey you can see it undergo. Consultations start from £20

Many make the common mistake of assuming Adeline and her senior members are hairdressers/stylists, but the reality is that, through countless courses training, education, and, experience – Adeline and her team are in fact – Hair specialists. Focusing on the molecular structure and identity of your hair in order to not only achieve healthy hair, but also great looking hair.

Since our humble inception in 2011 the salon has seen many faces visit us and work with us. Building on these relationships, our aim is to continue to be pivotal members of the local community and beyond with charitable contributions in the UK and West Africa.

The salon is forever grateful for the support we have received over the past decade and will continue to welcome new and existing customers with open arms and the best service in the business. Consistency is at the forefront of our ethos and with your help we look to maintain this consistency for the next 10 years